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Tuesday, May 10 2011

Ne'er Cast A Clout

HawthornThis picture of a hawthorn tree in flower was taken in May 2011. There is a saying about this which advises that you should ne'er cast a clout till the may be out. (Note that it says the may, not just May). Many people think that this refers to the month of May. Actually it refers to the may flower or hawthorn. It is recommending that you should not leave off any winter clothing until the hawthorn is in blossom As you can see from my picture this happens before the end of the month of may.

Monday, May 9 2011

Our Son's Dog

TanaHere is a picture of our son's dog, quiet for a moment. He is a spaniel, about 18 months old now. He is a great favourite with the grandchildren and is really very good with them all.r

Tuesday, February 22 2011

Old Photograph

FuchsiaOne of my early photographs in our back garden in Holsworthy is this one of a fuchsia flower. It was not until I looked at the result on the computer screen that I noticed the piece of spider's web on it. Just a bit of luck really as I finished up with a picture that I felt came out a bit better for it.

And here is another photo taken in the same garden firstrose070410.jpg

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