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Piano Recital

Quite a busy weekend for Pam. Friday last she went to Lifton to have a meal with the Lifton Hookers. She came home having had a very good day out. Then yesterday, Saturday she went to the Finch Foundry to be part of a demonstration of rag rugging and peg looming. Again a very enjoyable day out. Now today, Sunday, we had lunch at the Rydon Inn and then drove to Canworthy Water which is a small place not far from Launceston. There is a place there called the Minstrels Music Centre and Alan Schiller was due to give a recital.. We both enjoyed it very much. There was quite a mixture of music including Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. For me the best was the Listz Consolation 3 and Debussy Arabesque.

Today was also the hottest day of the year so far and the journey there and back meant we passed through some lovely areas full of wonderful scenery. It is an area which I do not know so I was pleased to see some new places. We would like to go to some more of these musical events, now that we have found out about it. Some take place at the Minstrels Centre and some at St Martin's Church in Bude. Both are quite reasonably close to Holsworthy and events seem to take place once a month during Autumn and Winter, not including December. So something to look forward to.

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