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Harriet's Birthday

CakeYesterday was Harriet's birthday. Unfortunately she had to work so we did not see much of her. She did have several cards and a present from Pam, some gold earrings. We often all go out for a meal when it is a family birthday, but this time Harriet was too tired so perhaps another day.

Pam made a cake for her, see photo, no candles but the correct number of stars. It was a banana cake which is one of Harriet's favourites. The weather was not very good which is unusual. Normally Harriet and I both have very good weather on our respective birthdays, but not this year. Pam and I were remembering the actual day of Harriet's birth which seems in some ways a long time ago but in other ways seems very recent. Time is going by so fast. Oh well, the next family birthday will be Kate's in August.

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