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Fire in the Woods

Fire in the WoodsWe had the grandchildren to stay recently. One day we took them to Rosemoor garden as a day out. When we arrived we found that there was an event for children that day, called Eco Warriors. This seemed a great idea so we went along to it after stopping for the usual drink in the restaurant. We had to go into the wooded area to build a hut from the loose branches lying around. This took some time and was great fun. Below is a photo of the finished edifice!

When we had finished that we were invited along to another part of the woods to have a go at building and lighting a fire. This was all supervised by staff from the RHS who made sure that everyone was safe. I am not sure which proved the most enjoyable for the girls, making the hut or lighting the fire. After all this excitement we went back to the restaurant for a well earned drink and scones. I think we all had a good time, especially as it was unexpected, not knowing about the event beforehand.

Eco Hut And here is a picture of the finished hut.

As mentioned we needed some refreshment after all that work so before going home we went to the restaurant again, this time for some drinks and scones and butter. The ladies had some jam as well!!

Scones and Jam Scone and Butter

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