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New Phone

phoneBack in January 2007 we purchased a cordless telephone. Recently some of the words on the display started to disappear. I decided it was time to replace it. So I had a look around the Internet for a new one. No hurry, I took my time. First of all of course I looked around the Amazon site. This lead me to a company in Glasgow named Ligo. I rang their help line to discuss my need for a new phone and asked for recommendations about make and model. The answer was immediate, Siemens as the make and C495 as the model.

I then moved on to reviews about the C495 which were very positive, but I discovered that there is a newer model, C595, which looked even better. Another quick call to Ligo reassured me that either would be fine for us. So I ordered it through Amazon, who pass the order on to Ligo anyway. This was on the Friday of the bank holiday weekend. I expected to have to wait until the following Friday, but in fact it was delivered by courier on the Wednesday morning. So now I was in my element with the book of instructions and the new phone to play with. I had it set up and working about four in the afternoon! Almost immediately the new phone rang. it was Pam saying that she was ready to be collected from CAB. So the very first call on the new phone was from her.

Since then I have played around some more with it and I think that it is now working just right for us. One thing that I had to do. When we first tested it by making a few calls we found that the speech was not very clear to us although the people we were phoning could hear us easily. I already had a spare filter available so I added it to the set up and all is now fine.

This new phone has many more facilities than the previous one, and more memory for stored numbers etc. In fact I am pleasantly surprised by how much the technology has improved in the time. And, even better, all those improvements have cost just two pounds more! Great.

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