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Our little puppy Dotty is settling in very well. She alternates between running around playing or sleeping. Occasionally she eats. She is very good at night, we just put her in her crate and she never makes a sound. i expected to have a lot of trouble with her missing her previous home but no, not bit of it. Tomorrow, Tuesday she is due her first visit to the vet, so let's see what she makes of that. We want her to have a good check over and to have her first injections.

After that she may be able to go out for a walk on a lead. I plan to take some photos of her which I will post here soon. We will also see how she gets on with other dogs. Most of the ones round here are very good. The only problem is likely to be the weather. More rain is forecast and I don't see any fun in taking her out in the wet.

Yesterday we were visited by Harriet and Matthew plus our old dog Reenie. I did wonder how it would all go, but there were no problems at all. Dotty danced around quite a bit, probably hoping to play, but Reenie just ignored her. A good sign that Dotty should socialise well.

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