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Dotty's First Visit to the Vet

So yesterday Dotty went to the vet for the first time, for a check over and for her first injections. The vet was Kate, who was very good and kind to her. She, Dotty that is, seems to be very healthy except for a small hernia which may need to be sorted later. At the moment it is not causing any problem.

She was not very happy with the injections and we had to hold her quite firmly. Sorry Dotty, the first of many. She will need to go again in a fortnight for the second injection and then she will be able to go for a walk and safely meet other dogs. Hope the weather will have improved by then. Meanwhile she has settled down very well at home, A lot of the time she is asleep, and then she wakes up and runs around and plays, wanting plenty of attention. Then she goes back to sleep.

She has already met some of the neighbours, all of whom say she is really cute. What else would they say?


Hope you like this first photo of her. Click on it to see a larger version.

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