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Dotty Settling In

Dotty is settling in quite well now. She is obviously getting used to the routine and our ways. For example she was not too happy when we put her in the crate for the first night and she had a little moan. Only for a short while then she was fine and we did not hear anything from her afterwards. Since then she seems to understand what is happening and we don't hear a sound from her. In the morning Pam is always the first one down stairs and Dotty is ready to be let out of the crate, but does not make a fuss about it, waiting patiently until Pam is ready.

One annoyance now is that she has starting to bite at things, including us, when she gets excited. That is something we will have to sort out very quickly. Still she is very young so we should not expect too much yet. Today we decided to have lunch at the White Hart so we left her in the crate meanwhile. When we returned she seemed pleased to see us and there were no signs of any distress or unhappiness. So that is good. More soon ....

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