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Dotty, a Quieter Day

Today Dotty has been a lot quieter, and has not been trying to bite everything so much. Pam is wondering if it has something to do with a change in her diet. Up to now we have been feeding her mostly James Wellbeloved dried food. This is well recommended and seems to be very popular. However the vet sells a make called Hills and Pam bought a small bag of the recently. "We have been trying her with that and today she seems much better.

Even so, things should also improve even more once we can take her out for a walk regularly. Up to now she has been indoors most of the time and she must be getting bored. A few walks will give her something new to look at and also use up some of her boundless energy. Next Thursday is the day she should be fine to go out, having had both injections. For me at least it can't some soon enough. I wonder how she will get on with the dogs she meets. The local ones are all good natured so not expecting any problems there.

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