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Short Break in Newquay

Last Tuesday, 4th March, Pam and I went to Newquay for a short stay at the Pentire Hotel. So what to do about Dotty? Well, we had arranged for her to stay at a kennels near Wadebridge while we were away. This was her first time and we wondered how she would cope. The place took some finding as it turned out to be miles from anywhere. There were a few dogs already in residence, some of them making a noise, and Dotty seemed a bit bemused by it all. Still, it was all booked so we left her there and went on to the hotel.

I was a bit worried about Dotty, so on the Wednesday morning I made a quick phone call to ask how she was getting on. I was assured that she was fine and not to worry. Fair enough. We stayed at the hotel until Friday 7th. We had a very quiet time, the weather was not very good so we spent a lot of the time in the hotel, apart from a couple of short trips. This was fine, especially for Pam who had a rest from all the organising she normally has to do.

Friday morning we set off back home, On the way we stopped at a café which Pam spotted. It turned out to be recently opened and run by a couple who are real coffee enthusiasts. So Pam had a cup of flat white which she has not tasted since she was in New Zealand nine years ago. We also chatted to the girl owner who turned out to be Swedish. I just had a filter coffee which was really tasty too. Pam's coffee was prepared by the young owner who drew a picture of a fern on the top, all by hand, Here is a picture


Then on to collect Dotty who was very pleased to see us and seemed to be full of energy. It turned out the she had made friends with some of the other dogs there, and had had a good time with a lot of fuss and attention from the owners. From there the journey home was very pleasant, the weather now having improved a lot. Typical. This break has done all of us some good, and now that we know that Dotty is fine at a kennels we can book others without worrying about her.

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