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Dotty Goes to Market

Last Wednesday, 12th March, was market day in Holsworthy as usual so we decided to take Dotty up to town to see how she would deal with meeting people and other dogs. It was a lovely sunny day and not at all cold. We were both very pleased with her. Many people made a fuss of her, which she loved, and she really was no trouble at all. We also met some other dogs which she was happy about. We did wonder if she would be a bit snappy since she still bites us sometimes, but no, not at all.

She also met some children, fine again, and in the La Dolce Vita shop she said a quick hullo to Paddy's little dog Maisie. They were fine together, although Maisie was a bit nervous as usual. She is quite a timid little thing. Harriet and Rachel were visiting the cattle marked so we arranged for them to call in at our house since Harriet had some eggs for us. So we went back home, and they soon arrived. Harriet's first reaction about Dotty was that she has grown a lot bigger. I had not realised just how much, seeing her every day makes it difficult for me to notice this. For Dotty a successful day.

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