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Dotty Visits the Weir

Yesterday, Thursday, was misty at first but soon turned into a lovely sunny day. I suggested a visit to the Weir just outside Bude for a coffee and cake, and that we should take Dotty with us. To my surprise as we approached Bude the weather changed and it became quite misty. However we pressed on and arrived at the Weir as arranged. As we walked up to the café we came across some ducks which Dotty simply ignored. Good. Although it was not sunny we sat outside and had a coffee and a cake each. Pam's coffe came with a picture on the top. coffee.jpg

Meanwhile some of the other visitors made a fuss of Dotty, which we are now beginning to expect. Pam spent some time chatting to a man and his wife who were particularly impressed with her. The man said that we had a really good dog there and she must have cost us a lot of money. Praise indeed. We seem to have had quite a bargain there. I will be even more pleased once she gives up on the biting.

Here is Dotty when we arrived, looking a bit worried. She soon perked up.


The mist showed no sign of lifting so we went home as soon as we had finished our drinks. A short distance outside Bude, on the Holsworthy road the mist disappeared and the sun came out again. Sometimes Holsworthy and Bude have very different weather even though they are not far apart. Back home the weather was good enough to encourage us to have our midday meal outside on the deck. So, two visits in two days and Dotty was very good for both.

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