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Dotty Goes to Market - again

Today was dry, although there was a cold wind, so we went up to the market again with Dotty. Last week a lot of fuss was made of her by a lot of people, and today was no different. She is very small and also very friendly which is a great help.

Today also there seemed to be even more dogs than last week and they all wanted to say hullo. Some of them were quite large breeds but Dotty was not fazed at all. One day she is going to have some trouble with assuming all dogs are friendly.

I took the opportunity to have a haircut while we were up there so Pam got a bit tired waiting around for me. She has not been very well lately, in fact I think the time she spent without some of her tablets did not help her one bit. She is now waiting for the results of some recent blood tests.

So far we are pleased with the way Dotty has taken to being out and about. We are also pleased with her in the car, she just lies down on her cushion and stays quiet for the whole journey. Oddly though she does not seem to like to go for a walk with me at home. I have to almost force her to go any distance and all the time she is anxious to return to the house. Strange.

I should mention that we took Dotty for her last visit to meet other puppies at Penbode vets last Monday. Quite a noisy time now that the four dogs know each other a bit, but I think she enjoyed it. At the end all the dogs were given a certificate to show they had completed the course. A first for us.

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