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A Walk with Dotty

Today Pam was out visiting her sewing group so I took Dotty out for a walk in the sunshine. We went along St Peters Road and down the steps. On a whim I decided to have another look at the work that has been done around the pond. There is now a walkway around most of it, with a fence to keep you safe and small bridges across any stream. Dotty was well impressed and had a great time looking around at everything she could see. It was very peaceful there, just the sound of some birds singing including a blackbird. There does seem to be some work still to do.

As for Dotty herself, she is still having a go at Pam on a regular basis, biting quite hard on occasion. She does not try it on me for some reason. People tell us that she will grow out of it, but I do wonder. Meanwhile she is often put outside in the hallway while we are eating or watching television. Shame.

A picture of her on the walk today


And a picture of the pond looking much better than the first time I saw it.


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