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Short Visit to the Family in Swindon

Normally we do not go anywhere during a bank holiday, but this Easter we had arranged a quick visit to see the grandchildren. Dotty came with us, of course, and as usual she was no trouble on the journey. We travelled up on Saturday morning 19th, no problems on the way. The girls were waiting for us and their immediate reaction was surprise at how small Dotty is. The next hurdle was Tana, what would he think of this strange visitor? In the event he was very good and they spent some time rushing around the house getting acquainted. While we were there the two dogs got on very well.

We had a good time there and the food was great as usual. On the Saturday the weather was very good so Tana and Dotty had a good time in the garden. Sunday however was rainy and we all had to stay in most of the day. It was only a short visit and we returned home on the Monday morning. Travelling on a bank holiday Monday! Never. We did notice on the journey that the traffic leaving the west country was rather congested, but we had no problems. In fact we made it home in exactly three hours which we think was very good.

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