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Dotty Sit

Dotty is coming along now, and not biting so much. She does still have her mad moments, but not so often. Pam went to Waitrose so I decided to take Dotty for a short walk. As usual we went up the hill past the school and round into the road to town. On the way we passed some bluebells in flower alongside the path, which happens around this time every year. I tried to take some quick photos but she was on the move all the time. So I tried the command Dotty sit. As you can see this did work.

We met a few people on the walk and Dotty expects them to all want to make a fuss of her. I try to judge their reactions as best I can, but indeed usually people are happy to make a fuss of her. I am using the short lead for walks nowadays, still trying to get her to walk alongside me without pulling. It is starting to work but it is a slow job.

Here is the photo of her, sitting and waiting for me to photograph her ...


Hope you like it.

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