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Dotty Has a Visitor

Yesterday Harriet and Matt had arranged to visit Caspar at his new stables. Since this was going to take most of the day they asked us to look after Reenie while they were away. So Dotty had a visitor. We did wonder how she was going to react and at first she was very excited. However she soon settled down and the two dogs got on very well.

The weather was very good and, as arranged, we took them both out for a walk in the afternoon. This time, to make it easier for Reenie, we went on to the school field. We let them both off the lead and it was amusing to see the difference between the new puppy and the old stager. Dotty ran around like a mad thing at first while Reenie just plodded along with the occasional trot. I took some photos while we were there, though it was difficult to get them both together. In all we were out for quite a long time and they both seemed to really enjoy it.

Here are a couple of pictures showing them both together, enjoying themselves and being great friends.



Hope you like them.

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