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Dotty Relaxing

One of the problems for us with Dotty is that she is so full of energy. One result is that when we let her come into the lounge with us in the evening and we want to sit quietly watching television, we find it difficult to get Dotty to be happy with that and to sit quietly with us. Often she has to be banned to the hall just to give us a bit of peace.

Yesterday we found one possible answer. As you can see from the photo she has found somewhere to lie quietly and to have a sleep. Why she has chosen this is a mystery still, but Pam says she is quite comfortable with it and doesn't mind. I would much rather have Dotty on my lap or sitting on the floor near me. Still, I must remember that I am not top of the list as far as she is concerned. When Pam is also in the room I am more or less ignored. I know my place. These will show you what we mean.

dotty9.jpg dotty10.jpg

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