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Bad news, our little cat Willow has just died. We brought her with us from Bristol when we moved to Holsworthy in October 2002. She was already a few years old then, but we did not know exactly as she was a rescue cat, or really a kitten, when we first welcomed her to our family.

Since Harriet got married Willow and Millie have lived with her, along with Reenie the dog. They are all getting old now so more heartbreak must be on the way. We are now feeling very down about it. She has not been well for some time and was on some special pills. I suppose her time had come. That is the problem with pets, they become part of the family but compared to people they have a very short life span. I will try to find a photo of her somewhere.

I have managed to find a photo of her ...


Brings back memories.

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