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Dotty has an Operation

Today we took Dotty to the vet to have her spayed. Now that she is six months old she needs to have it done before anything untoward happens. She was her normal full-of-life self when we took her this morning. As arranged we went to collect her at four. Everything had gone well, and I was pleased to hear that Adrian was the vet who did it. We have known him a long time and he has always looked after our animals well.

Dotty was much more subdued when we collected her, as expected. There was a lot of information handed out, luckily most of it in written form. You can see from the picture that she does not have the usual 'lampshade' to stop her from biting the stitches but a more modern 'jacket' which should be less of a nuisance for her. We have to take her for a check up next Friday, and, if all is well, she will have the stiches removed a week later. I bet she will be pleased with that.

Here she is looking rather sorry for herself ...


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