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Dotty has a Checkup

Since her operation Dotty has recovered well. She has quickly returned to the manic little dog she was before. At first she put up with the jacket we had put on her, to keep her from doing anything to the scar and stitches. However we soon had some problems. Dotty being Dotty she was not going to put up with that jacket for long, especially as the weather was rather hot and made her uncomfortable anyway. The result was that she soon learnt how to remove the jacket when we weren't looking. We did struggle to replace it before putting her in her cage for the night. Of course it was gone by the morning.

So what to do? Actually she was not too bad at attacking the wound, especially as it was covered by a sticking plaster. Pam tried a sleeve from an old jumper, no chance. Then a towel which was tied around her. That didn't last two minutes. Pam also bought a 'lampshade' at Brooks to try that, but it was too big, even though it was the smallest they had available. Dotty was due for a quick check up today so we decided to see what the vet could suggest. In the end we got her another 'lampshade' but this time one small enough to do the job, hopefully. So far it seems to be working. Just another week to go! At least the vet was pleased with the healing process and said she was doing very well.

Here is a photo of her with the latest protector on, not looking too happy ...


See what I mean???

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