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Dotty has had some problems with going to the toilet, so we took her to the vet on Monday. It turns out that she had developed a kidney stone, which would need an operation to clear it. Oh dear. Today she had that operation and it seems that she has done well. The stone is going to be sent away for analysis to see if she needs to have a change of diet. It could be necessary to have a different kind of food for her to avoid problems in the future.

As we are due to go to Harriet's for Christmas we had booked both out dogs into kennels for a few days. Now it seems that Stanley will be going alone and Dotty will be with us. We can't take Stanley too, as his sister, Twinkle, is now on heat and it would not be advisable. Such fun with all these animals.

Here is a picture of Dotty on holiday with us on Dartmoor, earlier this year.


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