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Amelia is Two

AmeliaLast Friday, 21st October, Pam, Harriet, Reenee and I went to Swindon as arranged. The journey was boring but efficient and we arrived late afternoon. The children all seemed pleased to see us and there was plenty of excitement. The purpose of the visit of course was Amelia's birthday due the next day. I could not believe how she had grown since we last saw her. There were other people also invited but not due to arrive until the next day, the actual date. Daniel was still at work but due home later. He had arranged to have the following week as holiday as it was the half-term break for the local schools.

The next day, Saturday, the other quests arrived though not all together since they were coming from different places. Included were Hannah and Jessica, Kate's sisters and some friends of Dan's. I didn't count them all up but there were two babies as well as Abby who is almost two. Fun and games yes, peace and quiet no. Amelia certainly did very well for presents although her sisters tried to have a go too, which was not always popular.

Later on, once the children were all in bdd and officially asleep we adults were able to have some more time to catch up on things. In the end we automatically split up into two groups, the younger ones in the kitchen and the older ones in the lounge where, of all things, we watched a repeat of Jonathan Creek. I thought we had seen them all, but I did not recognise this one at all. And in fact Harriet went to bed quite early and Pam and I were not far behind.

The next day, Sunday, all the 'extras' had left by late morning, just leaving the immediate family. Knowing the long journey ahead and that Harriet was due to go to work on Tuesday we left early afternoon and made straight for the local Asda!! I waited in the car. On the way home we stopped off once at a service station and eventually arrived home about 6 0'clock. A bit tiring but it was lovely to catch up with the children and the rest of the family and friends. The next visit planned is for Christmas, which will be here very soon.

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