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Birthday 2012

On 2nd May Pam and I decided to go out for lunch instead of the usual evening meal. One reason was the weather which was lovely, as often happens on my birthday. We decided to go to the Rydon Inn which we do visit for such special occasions. I also thought that it would be pleasant to sit outside for the first time this year, especially as the view is one of the best among local pubs.

In the event we had a lovely time and the food was up to the usual high standards. We had a chat to Dennis and caught up with all the family news. We had considered going on to Bude afterwards for a walk but decided not to bother. It was such a lovely day that we went home and had a quiet time together. I had a lovely present from Pam, a weather station, which means that I can now check temperatures inside and out and the humidity. All this as well as tapping the barometer several times a day!

Here is a picture of the view from where we had out meal.


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