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Visit to a Dog Behaviour Specialist

Last Wednesday, 16th of April, we took Dotty to visit Carol who works with dogs and owners to help with any behaviour problems. As usual Dotty was very good on the journey, she has no problems with travel. We spent quite a long time with Carol, talking about Dotty in general, and especially the biting problem. I must say that while we were there Dotty was very good. She also showed how she goes from running around exploring everything to suddenly settling down and having a rest and a sleep. No halfway house with her.

I thought the visit was very useful and came away with some good ideas. We were given some help sheets to keep as it would be impossible to remember everything we had been told. Whether it is a coincidence or not I don't know but since then Dotty has been getting better and does not bite Pam's ankles at all now. We arrived home shortly before six o'clock so it was too late to go to the puppy training session at Whitstone. However, an afternoon well spent.

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