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Dotty is being a pain

Well, Dotty is growing up a bit now, and with that her behaviour has changed. She has taken to biting a lot. Sometimes it is one of her toys, but all too often she has a go at one of us. She likes to bite the bottom of trousers and she certainly is pleased to see me try to put my shoes on so she can have a pull on the laces. But worse than that, she bites feet, hands and legs.

We try to find something else to bite and sometimes that works. If not we have to put her in her crate or lock her in the utility room for a while. I suspect the problem is mainly that she is full of energy and needs some exercise. She has had just the first injection to date, and we do not want to take her out and about until after the second one. That is not due for another week so we muxt just soldier on.

In the past we have always had rescue dogs. this is our first time with a puppy. We are still finding our way. I hope it will all sort itself out soon.

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