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Dotty's Second Injection

Well, Dotty is still biting us too much, especially Pam. We had to take her to the vets again today for her second injection. She was not too bad, and we had some extras to pay for too such as flea treatment, and worming tablets. At least she is good at taking tablets. She does have a good appetite.

Next week Pam and I are due to go for a short break to Newquay so Pam is busy sorting out a suitable kennels for her. Some of them it seems do not take puppies, some of them insist on kennel cough treatment first, others don't. Still some research to do.

Meanwhile Dotty seems to be thriving. She is certainly full of energy, and that is part of the problem. She alternates between running around like a mad thing and sleeping somewhere. I must say however that she has never been any trouble at night. We keep doors open so we can hear her whining but she is very quiet. So not all bad then.

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