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Dotty - Update

Some time since I wrote about Dotty. She is still sometimes lovely and quiet and at other times she gets rather hyper and runs around like mad. The main problem is still that she bites Pam rather a lot. She is not so bad with me, but then I will not stand for it. Meanwhile she is growing bigger although she will never be other than a small dog ever. Her mother was quite little too.

Strangely she does not seem very keen on going out for a walk, which I find surprising. I thought most dogs liked to be out and about, meeting other dogs and people and finding all sorts of exciting smells. On the other hand both times we have taken her up to the local market she has been fine. Plenty going on there to interest her I suppose.

Recently she had a bit of a bad stomach, she must have picked up something in the garden which did not suit her. We did take her to the vet where she had a couple of injections, much to her annoyance, which soon settled her. For most of that day she was lovely and quiet and just wanted to sit on someone's lap. Why can't she always be like that?.

Today 30th March happens to be Mothering Sunday and also one of the best days for warmth for some time. We have spent some of the time sitting outside on the deck. Here are a couple of pictures of Dotty to show that sometimes she can be lovely and quiet. I have noticed that she does like sitting in the sun, She obviously likes to be warm and cosy.

Two pictures to show how much she has grown, and that she can be quiet sometimes.



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